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Easy to learn

You need only your intuition to get started. If you can type and click-and-drag you can help solve a problem.

Real time

Watch your solution evolve in real time as collaborators add and trade ideas.


Organize your solution into a logical flow and support your ideas with facts, links and data.


Good ideas win and shape the solution - bad ideas and trolls fall by the wayside. No “big brother” watching over your shoulder.


Collaborate with few or your friends or thousands of strangers. GroupSolver is powerful to handle a project of any size.

  • Kristine Ehrich

    “I've graded five papers so far and four of them put GroupSolver (coming to a sustainable solution to controversial issues, as one student put it) in their top 5 takeaways for the semester!”

    Kristine Ehrich
    Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of San Diego

  • Paola Cillo and Emanuela Prandelli

    “GroupSolver has been an amazing platform for our course project on Community-based Innovation and Strategy. It has enabled our students to efficiently and effectively collect first-hand ideas from the crowd in a collaborative way. It has given us a simple and effective report to grade students... ”

    Paola Cillo and Emanuela Prandelli
    Associate Professors of Management & Technology at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy

  • Claudiu Dimofte

    “Unlike other platforms I have used to collect student insights, GroupSolver manages to get contributors talking with each other rather than talking at or past each other. This collaborative process results in a superior outcome and enhanced feelings of joint ownership of and accountability for the co-created solution. A great pedagogical tool all around.”

    Claudiu Dimofte
    Associate Professor at San Diego State University